126 Shot Bunker Bundle

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An assortment of four Brothers 200 gram cakes:
26 Shot Hollow Point: Red pearl mines and crackling comets, to green tails with green pearls with crackling. Purple tails to purple pearls with crackling then blue tails to blue pearls with crackling.
26 Shot Tracer: Crackling and blue pearl mines, then red tails to red pearls with green glitter, and purple tails to purple pearls with silver glitter. Finally, blue tails to blue pearls with gold glitter.
37 Shot Armour Piercing: Crackling tails with whistles, then, red, green, and crackling pearls. Gold brocade then red pearls with delayed crackling.
37 Shot Hard Cast: Jumbo red and green pearls, then crackling comet tails and gold willow with green glitter. Green and crackling pearls, followed by blue pearls and delayed crackling willows.

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