16 Shot Hardcore Cycles

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4 awesome cakes of hardcore breaks and gorgeous tails.
16 Shot Ghost Rider: Gold crown tails rise to twilight strobe balls with vivid color changing dahlias alternate with huge gold crown with twilight strobes and color changing dahlias.
16 Shot Road & Roll: Sizzling spider tails rise to gold spider breaks with color strobes alternating with V-forming sparks of nebula cloud effects.
16 Shot Hells on Whirls: Gold spiral tails rise to brocade palms to orange tips with red lace alternating with gold kiku flowers to blue tips with white lace. Exhilarating finale of silver scatterings with color strobes.
16 Shot American Chopper: A Patriotic themed cake. Flower crown tails to flower crown with color dahlias, sizzling tails to sizzling flower, finale with nishiki kamuro changing to novel sizzling chrys.

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