Looking back at 2022, our industry certainly experienced one of the most difficult times with increased freight costs. In the history of our company, we have never seen such a drastic spike in shipping costs. Across the industry, we saw wholesale and retail prices increase significantly in order to offset the devastating increases. In our retail stands, consumers felt the price increases, but we still saw another incredible year of sales. We are thankful and truly blessed by our customers, both wholesale and retail, for your continued support, not only last year, but for the past several years as we recovered from COVID and the economic domino effects which transpired in its wake. We could not continue providing the 4th of July spark without all of you!

As the calendar has flipped to 2023, news from China has been extremely promising on the freight cost front. Our industry is finally seeing a decrease in freight costs, with most of the costs leveling out at rates we were used to prior to 2021. This news is beneficial to us, as we will be able to pass along the savings to our wholesale customers, thus, allowing retail customers to soak up the benefits during this upcoming 4th of July season. Once again, Showalter Fireworks will provide the enjoyment and magic of fireworks at prices which allow us to remain competitive in a demanding market, and pass along continued savings to our wholesale customers.

In 2022, the industry also experienced shortages in certain firework categories, such as jumbo and small smoke balls, parachutes, sparklers, and small novelty items. While jumbo and small smoke balls are now shipping from China, we could still see a lack of supply in retail stands for the 2023 season. US Customs continue to monitor and inspect the import of all smoke product, primarily focusing on the presence of cholorates and the proper balance of sodium bicarbonates, if chlorates are present.  The outlook for parachutes and sparklers is promising, however, so we should see a healthy selection of these in our stands. Small novelties continue to see an increased interest in the domestic market in China, which makes export to the US market a continued struggle. Our manufacturers update us on a monthly basis to keep us current on the status of small novelty items, as well as other hard to get products. We are confident in their ability to provide us with as much of our orders as possible, especially the items which the US market has seen shortages of over the past few years.

SHOWALTER FIREWORKS STRIVES EVERY YEAR TO PROVIDE OUR CUSTOMERS WITH ONE OF THE LARGEST SELECTIONS OF PRODUCTS IN THE AREA BY CARRYING OVER 14 BRAND NAMES. We listen to and value your constructive feedback, which is why you will always find competitive prices and a variety of products for all taste buds (whether you are 4 or 94). We visit our manufacturers, attend demos of prospective manufacturers, and always seek out new and creative products to provide our customers, year after year. When you buy from Showalter Fireworks, you can count on dependable quality, excellent performances, and fresh inventory.

All of our retail stands are operated by non-profit, community centered, fundraiser groups. Interested in running your own retail firework stand? Contact us for information on fundraising opportunities available and put the FUN back into FUNdraising! For those who already operate a stand of their own, Showalter Fireworks provides you the opportunity to buy your quality fireworks at wholesale prices.

QR Codes are here! Many of the consumer labels now have QR codes. This is just one more tool we have added to help you learn more details on the products you are buying. You will need to download a free QR code app for your smartphone. Scan the code, and it will take you to a link to see a demonstration video of the product.


Reno County, the City of Hutchinson, and the City of Wichita, currently ONLY allow SAFE and SANE products to be sold and discharged! This means fireworks must NOT go over 6 feet high. But don’t worry because Showalter Fireworks has your Safe & Sane needs covered!

For those of you in cities and/or counties which allow all (legal within the State of Kansas) products to be sold, we’ve got you covered there, as well! We have a wide variety of new items to include: 500 gram cakes, 350 gram cakes, 200 gram cakes, reloadable shells, a selection of your favorite classics, and so much more! Be sure to check out our stands for some FUN-tastic deals.

Home Stand
56 Plum Ave
Inman, KS 67546
6 1/2 miles north of 30th on Plum

June 27th - July 4th

9:00 AM - 11:00 PM
❄️Enjoy shopping for all
your favorite fireworks in
the comfort of A/C! ❄️
(620) 663-7714
(888) 886-1008
FAX: (800) 884-1218

Headquarters Location:
76 Plum Ave.,
Inman, KS 67546

Before you go out and have fun, be sure to check out this video on Fireworks Safety

Countdown to July 4th!